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Getting Started

Welcome to the 2MExpress help documentation. This documentation will explain in detail the powerful features and tools that are included in the 2MExpress website building suite. 

2MExpress was built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The refreshingly simple and clean look of the interface is consistent throughout the entire application, right down to the WYSIWYG editor that is used to format and input site content. Users can upload images with ease, and use our thumbnail creator to quickly make photo galleries and more.

The 2MExpress tool is an ideal solution for both beginner webmasters and seasoned web developers. Whether the tool is being used for a starter website or a corporate blog, its powerful features will make developing and maintaining a site an enjoyable task.
Start-up tutorials:
here is some animated tutorials to start up

Requirements for use...

The system has very few, but important requirements for both the destination server and for users of the system.


  • A browser that supports Javascript.

    Destination server:
  • FTP Access (Username, Password, Port, Address, Publish Folder)
  • PHP  (4+)

Built in Templates
Part of the flexibility of 2MExpress stems from its templating system. Users are provided with a plethora of professional, pre-made templates that allow users to get up and running immediately.

Users initially are provided with a default template. The choice of template can be changed at any time, even once a site is fully developed. This is explained in detail in the template section of the help documentation.

Custom Templates
Users also have the option of creating their own templates, or modifying the default templates. This allows for a completely customizable visitor experience. Page groups also allow customized templates to be used for specific pages, or groups of pages. This is especially useful for sites that wish to change color schemes for different parts of their site. The templating system possibilities are limitless.

For more information on all of the features discussed in the introduction, please use the vertical tree navigation on the left side of the page. It should also be noted that this documentation was written and designed completely with 2MExpress.

Thank you for using 2MExpress,
The 2MExpress team


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